Social media, the ultimate keeping up with the Joneses

Ever put up photos on social media of you at a fancy dinner or at a corporate event? Ever ask yourself the real reason why you did that? It isn’t to share the experience with your friends and family. It is to show them that you have something great. It could be touch line tickets at a match or a meal at a Michelin star restaurant (people sharing photos of their dinner is hugely popular for some reason). I know I have been guilty of this.


What is the point of all this? It is nothing more than trying to keep up with the Jones in the online world.


A question I get asked a lot from clients is “how can others afford it?”. These are people in well paid jobs and are doing well in their careers. But they see friends and neighbours driving new cars or going on another holiday. How can they afford it when we can’t? My answer is always the same “Do you know their financial situation?” People don’t talk about their money do we usually don’t. They could earn more than you think, got an inheritance, live on debt or just spend everything they earn.


With camera phones and social media, people are taking photos of things all the time and posting it online so the world can see what a great time they are having. It is 24/7 and it is no longer restricted to just seeing what your friends and neighbours have. It can be people that you don’t even know but their post has ended up on your timeline.


Seeing all these people you know or don’t know showing the world how great everything is makes you wonder why can’t you have that? It will either make you feel bad or encourage you to start spending money so you too can post pictures. But remember, this is only a snapshot of their lives, we do not know what the rest of their lives are like. It is important to focus on what your own life is like and what you want to experience from life. If you find that people’s posts on social media get you down or jealous, take a break from it.


Steven Barrett

23 March 2022