Fee Only Investment Advisor

Preserving and building wealth in a disciplined way.

Investing money can vary for people depending on your personal circumstances. You may want to grow it for the future or want to preserve it so you enjoy life and leave a legacy for others.

Our goal at Bluewater is to invest your money in line with what you want to achieve and to see your money grow over the long term.

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We use a disciplined process before advising you on your money

Here are some of the questions we will ask:

  • What is the purpose of the investment? Is there a goal to be achieved?
  • How long do you wish to hold the investment?
  • What is the return required? If we know the goal, we can work out the required return for you.
  • What is your understanding of investment risk?
  • How much are you willing to let your investment fall in value before you get anxious?
  • What percentage of your overall wealth does this represent? In a worst case scenario, do you have other assets that can fund your lifestyle?

When we get to know our clients, have gone through these questions and discussed the potential downside, we will create a diversified investment strategy to suit your needs.

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As part of the investment process, we will consider the adverse impact of investment decisions on sustainability factors. We will look at sustainability investments both at the initial advice stage and as part of the ongoing investment advice that we provide to you.

We assess sustainability risks into our investment advice by:

  • Assessing the information provided by the product providers and fund managers that we use.
  • Our own in house investment research which we update regularly to keep our investment knowledge current and relevant.
  • We will advise you of the likely impacts of sustainability risks on the returns of the financial products we may recommend.
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