Financial Planning

Take control of your future by knowing what you want and what you need to do to get there.

We will design a roadmap that looks at your current situation and where you want to get to. When creating the roadmap, we will look at your assets, income and expenditure to ensure:

  • You have the correct structures in place to fulfill your goals
  • You can continue to enjoy your lifestyle
  • You can achieve those big dreams you may have

We help you implement changes and modify your plan as your goals and priorities change, making sure your plan stays up to date.

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Identify what is important to you

Everyone has their own priorities. It could be to have more money or to have more time to pursue the interests that you are passionate about. We work with you from the outset to help you identify what your priorities in life are and build your plan around achieving them.

We recognise that different people have different approaches to money. Using psychometric testing, we identify if any of your beliefs about money will prevent you from achieving your long term goals.

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Financial Planning

No one financial plan is the same, so we will tailor your plan to what you need. This is a fee only service, so we will always act in your best interests, with the goal of helping you achieve what is important to you.

FactFind Meeting

We find out where you have come from, where you are now and where you want to get to.

Building Wealth Assessment

We discuss your attitudes to money and identify if any of these may hinder your ability to achieve financial success.

Cash Flow Analysis Meeting

We create your financial roadmap and agree on action points to put it into action.

Catastrophe Planning

Comprehensive analysis of life and disability cover so you and your family are protected if the worst happens.