Choose what is really important

Brian runs his own business and is very successful. He has made a lot of money. Growing up, he always want to own a Porsche and now he can afford one. So he bought one and it is ready to collect. So he has taken the day off work to pick up his new car and go for a spin in it. He arrives into work the next day and everyone crowds around the new sports car, asking him about it. He shrugs his shoulders. It was exciting collecting it and going on that first drive in it. But now it is just a car to get him to work, no different to his previous car. He sells it soon after.

Padraig also runs his own business and is very successful. He too has made good money. Instead of buying a new car, he hired more people so he can reduce his work load. He spends that extra time watching his kids grow up. It’s not glamourous and involves a lot of standing on sidelines, driving them around and helping with homework. But he wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Not everyone is able to make these choices. But if you do, think about which one you will look back on in twenty years time with fond memories.


Steven Barrett

30 May 2022