Enjoy the moment

Life is about experiences, not possessions. It is about being able to recall about things that you have done in life. In saying that, I was one of the lucky 18,500 crammed into the RDS on Friday night to see Bruce Springsteen play what could be his last tour. Given his age and the energy required to put on a 3 hour show each night, you can only do this for so long. And the crowd were savouring every last moment of it.

Something that struck me during the concert was that people largely kept their phones in their pockets and just enjoyed the show. Even as it got dark, you didn’t get that firefly effect from lit up screen up screens as they recorded The Boss singing. Something that will be looked at once of twice and then be stored in icloud forever more, rarely to be looked at again.

There are too many occurrences of watching events and all you can see is cameras in the crowd. You don’t need to record everything that you are at as proof that you were actually there. People are changing their experience into a keeping up with Joneses event by posting videos on social media to show everyone where they are.

Just enjoy the moment.



Steven Barrett

15 May 2023