Are you a DIYer, a Validator or a Delegator?

Speaking to a lot of people over the years about personal finance, not everyone needs or wants to use a financial advisor. You can generally be classed in one of three different categories. These categories can apply to almost everything.


The DIYer is happy look after their personal finance themselves and can’t see the point in paying a financial advisor. They have an interest in investing and stay up to date on issues concerning personal finance. While they may not know all the rules and regulations, they are not afraid to make a mistake, they’ll just adjust it and learn from the experience.


The validator knows about personal finance but is not confident enough to be sure they are doing the right thing. Or they may want a second opinion from someone with the experience and expertise to show them where they are going wrong or where they may get better value.

It is likely that this type of personal will work with an advisor for a few years and until they become a fully fledged DIYer.


The delegator has no interest in personal finance. They know there is a need to get advice around their own money but would prefer to pay someone to look after this for them. That way they know it is being looked after by an expert and they can spend their time doing things they are more interested in.

The other type of delegator is the person who knows that it is more profitable for them to spend time working on their own business and outsource their personal finance issues to someone else.

As I said, these categories isn’t limited to personal finance, it applies to almost anything. What areas are you a DIYer, Validator or a Delegator in? Drop me an email at and let me know.