11 reasons why I use Google Apps for Business

When I started up my new business, I knew that I would be working at home a lot as well as in the office. From a security point of view, keeping all my files on my laptop is madness, so I looked at cloud computing, eventually picking Google Apps for Business. While not perfect and it takes a bit of getting used to not using Microsoft products are using them all your life, I definitely won’t be going back. I’ve listed 11 reasons why I think Google’s Apps for Business is worth using.

  1. It costs €4.10 a month. For that I get my email address (steven@bluewaterfp.ie is a gmail account), cloud storage and Google’s version of Word, Excel, Powerpoint as well as Forms.
  2. The customer support provided by Google is out of this world. I have had to contact them a few times now. I register my problem and I get a call promptly and they stay with me until the problem is fixed. I then get follow ups to make sure everything is still alright.
  3. Security is a huge issue these days when it comes to client files etc. I get the benefit of Google’s security, something I could never buy in a million years. My files are backed up in multiple facilities around the world. (Note: while Google’s security protects you against hackers, it doesn’t protect you against you destroying your own files. I use Spanning to back up my files as well, costing $40 a year).
  4. Two people can work on the same document at the same time. This is a brilliant feature for project work. You just need to log on and multiple people can make changes to a document at the same time.
  5. It doesn’t matter where I am, I can log into my Google Drive account and access all the files I can when working in the office. I can use my home laptop, work one, even my iPad and iPhone to access my files.
  6. You can allow outside parties to access part of Google Drive. I have used this a few times and it’s so handy. I just opened up the relevant folder to them for a few hours, they got a link by email and copied what they needed.
  7. 30GB free storage. This is the total amount for your email and Drive accounts. Any Google Documents don’t count for this total. I have all my business files on Drive and still only using 7% of capacity! If I ever get to the stage that I need more storage, 100GB costs just $60 a year.
  8. Because I am using Google, there are loads of companies making apps and services that I can link in with Drive and Gmail. My CRM service links my emails and Drive to the CRM account, so I can access it all very easily. I also have a project app, accounting, newsletter apps all linked to my account.
  9. Using a Gmail account, I can use the multiple label feature. When using Outlook, it used to annoy me that I could only file an email in one folder, what if it applied to more than one account? With Gmail, I can file emails in multiple files.
  10. I don’t use Microsoft Office but everyone I deal with does. Being able to save documents in 6 different formats means I won’t have to go out and buy Office. I can send documents by email or save them in Microsoft’s format, pdf .csv and a few others.
  11. I can save files to Google Drive through File Explorer. My computer still uses Windows and I am not always online. I can download a Drive app to my laptop which puts my Drive file on File Explorer.