10 ways a financial advisor adds value

I am useless at DIY. If something needs to be done, I am quite happy to pay for someone to do it. My father in law however is a great at DIY (he’s the one we usually call to fix something). He doesn’t see the value in paying a tradesman, he can do just as good a job himself.

You only use an expert if you believe that they can add value for you. When it comes to finance, lots of people can look after their own financial affairs and that is fine. But there are also people who need expert advice. There are also very capable people who would prefer to spend their time running their business or enjoying themselves and prefer to pay someone to look after their finances for them.

If you are looking to use a financial advisor, how can they add value for you?

  1. Most people have never thought about what they want from their lives. We get that thought process going and start the conversation with people.
  2. We help people figure out where there are gaps in their finances stopping them from doing what they want. We come up with achievable solutions to bridge those gaps.
  3. We are experts in what we do. You don’t need to learn about all the different products and figure out which one you need, we do all of that for you.
  4. We save you time. We can provide you with what you need quicker than you can get it yourself.
  5. Investing can be complex. We have developed a 3 step process to make sure you make the right investment decisions.
  6. We explain your choices, showing you the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision.
  7. We stop people doing stupid things with their money. We are the objective opinion on what your investment choices.
  8. We ensure that if you are sick and can’t work or if you die prematurely, you and your family are protected and for the right amount.
  9. Your goals today may not be your goals next year or five years time. We will show you how you need to adjust your spending and saving to reflect these changes.
  10. Making big financial decisions can provide a lot of uncertainty. We will show you the effect any big financial decision will have on your future so you have clarity around any decisions you make.

And a bonus reason…

We deal with the product providers so you don’t have to.