Working for a multinational? Don’t expect a gold watch

I have been helping a lot of executives working with multinational companies.  They are very skilled people, with good remuneration packages usually including big bonuses and company shares. They are also very demanding roles, usually requiring a lot of travel away from home on a regular basis. From my experience of working with these top executives, they have a lot in common.

1. It’s not a job for life

These roles are very demanding. The executives recognise that they can’t work at that pace forever, they’ll simply burn out and be no use to anyone.

Most of these industries are changing at a very fast pace, especially in the technology industry. Experience may not be a benefit in the long term, their area of expertise may be obsolete. There are lots of young, hungry people coming up behind that are up to date with the latest skills. You may simply be phased out.

2. Income levels are not sustainable

After working for years in very demanding roles and being well compensated for it, when they move, the executives don’t want to go into similarly demanding roles. I am yet to met someone who was well paid for doing very little, they know that they will take a reduction in salary in their next role.

3. Put money to good use

These executives don’t want to put their money to good use. Being well compensated gives you the opportunity to pay down debt early,  take a reduced role without having to make changes to their lifestyle, start their own business without the pressure of having to earn an income immediately or take early retirement.

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