What I learnt from Bruce Springsteen

I went to see Bruce Springsteen in Croke Park last night. Springsteen is now 66 years of age and has been performing for over 50 years. His concerts are famous for coming on stage on time and for the length of his gigs. Coming away last night, there were loads of things that we can learn from someone as successful as Bruce Springsteen.

Do what you love

Springsteen obviously loves touring and playing to live audiences. He is a multi-millionaire, so he isn’t doing it for the pay cheque, it’s all about doing what he loves. He is so full of energy, you can see he is doing something he clearly loves doing and the crowd feeds off that.

It didn’t all start out playing in front of crowds of 80,000 though. He put in the hard work, playing in small clubs and making music that didn’t sell. He had the talent and he kept at it, so he would be rewarded for persevering with it.

Be consistent

Everyone knows that Springsteen comes on stage pretty much on time (he was 5 minutes late last night!) and plays for over 3 hours. He has always been that way and will continue to do so.

Are you able to say that you are as consistent as he is in everything we do? Do you have the correct processes in place to make it happen?

Keep offering value

Tickets for the Springsteen concert were €100 each. Not cheap at all. But I have never heard anyone complain that the tickets were overpriced. He doesn’t pad out the time of his concerts with support bands. It’s 3 hours of the main event.

As he’s got older, he’s realised that he can’t give the same energy for two nights in a row, so he takes a day break between concerts. That way he can give the same level of energy for each concert and no one can complain that he was looking tired and less enthusiastic on stage.

Can we say that we all offer value in what we do all the time? How often do you actually think about whether what you are doing is something that your clients actually value?

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