Using an expert to get better results

The gym I go to has boxing bags. I like doing a Boxing HIIT workout with them. It’s great cardio and I always feel great afterwards. But I don’t know how to box. When you see some of the other guys hitting the bags, you realise that there is a lot more to it than just punching like the way I do. A couple of them have given me a few pointers on how to improve my technique. When I apply the changes, the workout gets even harder than it was before and that means better results.

I have come across a number of new clients recently who are doing the right things with their money but need that extra guidance to get that bit more. They have good habits; they don’t spend more than they earn and they save the difference. But they leave the money on deposit where the real value of will only go down over time.

With a few pointers, we get them thinking about what they want from their money and when they want it by. What structures do they need to achieve these goals? This may include keeping money in cash, investing in equities, overpaying their mortgage, increasing their pension contributions.

We are often doing the right thing but that bit of advice from an expert will see better results


Steven Barrett

03 October 2022