Time versus Money

I have never met someone who earns a high salary who doesn’t work hard. Especially these days, salaries and bonuses are higher than ever, but in return companies expect more from their employees than ever before. It’s not just the long hours but a huge amount of travel and spending a lot of time away from home.


Of course, with all the hard work comes big rewards, otherwise what is the point. You can afford to have a big house and go on nice holidays. You don’t really have to check the price on clothes or whether there’s money in the bank, you just know you can afford it…although this has its own problems.

It’s not just about being able to buy stuff. You will be able to pay down your mortgage early and accumulate wealth to achieve financial independence at a relatively young age, freeing up time later in life.


What regrets may you have when you look back on life? Older, wealthy clients of mine have all told me the same thing. They regret not spending as more time with their kids as they grow up. There is only a short number of when your children crave your attention and want to spend loads of time with you. They grow up quickly and start spending more time with friends than with their parents.

And if you aren’t spending time with your kids, it’s unlikely that you are spending time with your other half too. Is this going to cause issues with your marriage with your spouse feeling their are raising the kids and not getting any support?

Jobs can be demanding and you may not be able to avoid putting in long hours but have you limits on what you will give to your company? If you have to decide between bringing your daughter to swimming or going to work, what do you choose? And if you choose swimming, are you wholly invested in what’s going on or sending emails from your phone?

With technology, we can talk to our kids on Facetime but nothing beats that big hugs you get from your kids when they go to bed.

If you feel you are working too hard and not getting to spend time with family, let me know at steven@bluewaterfp.ie