Enjoy your kid’s achievements with them

My daughter is in 1st year and plays hockey with her school. They had their league quarterfinal recently. It was on a Tuesday at 3pm. I had a busy week that week but it meant a lot to her that someone was there. My wife doesn’t have the flexibility to get away but working for myself I do, so I went to support and see a great 4-0 win. I found out while there that the semi final was the next day and if they won that, the final was on the Thursday! My wife wasn’t working on Wednesday, so we went along to a nail biting match that went to one v ones (I thought it was a penalty shootout, goes to show what I know about hockey!) and they go through. I wasn’t missing the final!!

Both of us were able to go watch the 1st years from Rosemont play in the school’s first ever hockey final. Unfortunately, despite dominating large parts of the match, the game finished 2-2 and they lost on sudden death. I was at 2 out of 3 of those matches but regret not finding the time for the semi final win.

Work is different now

When I was growing up, there was no chance of my dad ever being able to watch me playing matches during the week. He was at work and that was that. There was no expectation on him being there. But the way people work has changed with more flexibility over working hours, with people able to work remotely and log in early or to work late…as long as the work is done.

And of course, not everyone has that flexibility with their work. Some have to be present to do their job. Others have highly demanding roles that just don’t give them the opportunity to get out for a couple of hours during the day.

Important memories

Our kids may only have a few really important sporting events in their lives. A lot of them give up competitive sport as they grow up, so we don’t know how many opportunities we will have to stand on the sideline and cheer them on.

But they will remember you being there and giving them the ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘every time they looked over your direction and shouting encouragement to them and their team (if you are going to be negative, you shouldn’t be there). And it’s not just sport. If they enter the Young Scientist exhibition, make sure you go to see their display or if they are in a school play, always buy tickets.

There is a saying, ‘no one on their deathbed ever said “I wish I had spent more time working”‘. I don’t want to look back on my kid’s growing up and regret not being there to support them. I know I am lucky that I am able to do so.


Steven Barrett

08 April 2024


There is a lovely photo of my daughter’s team all watching the one v ones but she wouldn’t let me use it, so you have to get this stock photo instead!