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How automated are you?

How automated are you? Most of us pay our bills and mortgage by direct debit every month. We know what is due and we ensure the money is there. What is left after that is our discretionary income that we can spend on what … Read More

Fair play to Margaret Heneghan

Margaret Heneghan There were reports in the newspapers over the last couple of weeks about the sudden retirement of senior judge Margaret Heneghan from the High Court¬†after just 2 years. She is retiring at 58 years of age in an role … Read More

Why I use a personal trainer

Personal FinanceA year and a half ago, I joined a gym. I really enjoy going, there’s loads of classes and it’s downstairs from my office so it’s handy to get to whenever it suits me. After my first year membership wa … Read More

Keeping up with the Joneses

Keeping up with the Joneses

With many sectors of the Irish economy having recovered from the recession, people are now buying more luxury items. Some who feel that they too need to spend money in order to ‘Keep up with the Joneses’. This is a … Read More

The Financial Planning Process – Annual Meeting


The Financial Planning Process - Annual MeetingThis is the last blog in explaining The 6 Step financial planning process. We’ve done a lot so far:

  1. We had the initial meeting to find out about what is important to you, what makes you tick and what
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The Financial Planning Process – Implementation

The Financial Planning Process - Implementation We have now completed your first financial plan. Having looked at all the areas that need to be worked on, we prioritise them in order of importance. After your first financial planning meeting, there may be a lot of areas … Read More