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Planning & Monitoring

Planning and MonitoringThe new year is always a good time to sit down and plan what you want to achieve in the rest of the year. As a financial planner, I help people with wealth accumulation so they can gain financial independence … Read More

Peer to peer lending for pensions? Really?!

Peer to peer lending for pensions? Really?!Just after I write in a post about Investment Risk , there is news that peer to peer investing with Linked Finance is now available to pension investors. This is not something that we welcome as we believe that peer … Read More

Investment risk

Investment riskThose of us who work in financial services are often accused of talking jargon and rightly so! Some even do it to impress clients with all the terminology they use (does this even work?!). Most of us just slip into … Read More

Is blogging worth it?

BloggingOn 22 July 2013, I posted my first blog on this website. Here we are just over 4 years later, posting my 200th blog post. So this week, I am going off topic and I am going to talk about … Read More

Building Wealth Assessment

Building Wealth AssessmentI recently read the New York times best seller, The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley. In it, Stanley reveals how little we actually know about millionaires. Most of us think of them coming from inherited money or working … Read More

How to budget

How to budgetDo you ever say “I don’t know where my money has gone?” That is because you probably don’t have a budget and no controls over your spending. Having control over your spending is one of the cornerstones of building wealth. … Read More