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Retirement Advice

Retirement Advice

Entering retirement is a time of great change and excitement. You now have time to pursue all those things you didn’t have the time to do when you were working.

It is also a time of uncertainty for some people. You go from saving money to spending your life savings. But what if I don’t have enough? If I do all the things I want to do now, will I have enough in my old age?

At Bluewater Financial Planning, we have a lot of expertise in providing financial advice to retirees. We listen to what you want to do in retirement, what resources you have available to you and what your fears and expectations are.

Retirees find our financial planning service to be of great benefit to them. It maps out their financial future and provides them with financial peace of mind.

The key areas we provide retirement advice on are:

Tax Free Cash

  • How much tax free cash can I get?
  • Using company pensions to take out the entire fund tax free


  • Do you want the certainty of a regular income for the rest of your life?
  • Who will give you the most money each month?

Approved Retirement Funds

  • Do you want control over your retirement fund?
  • Do you want to be able to pass your retirement fund to your family on death?
  • Using our unique 3 step investment process, we will recommend the right investment strategy for you.

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