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Investment Advice

Investment AdviceYou work hard to earn your money and do not want to see the real value of it eroded by inflation by leaving it just sitting in a bank account. While we won’t promise to make you a millionaire, we provide you with the correct investment advice and frameworks to help you grow and maintain the real value of your money.

We provide investment advice on:

  • What size “emergency fund” you should have.
  • Whether to use surplus funds to pay off debt or to invest
  • What size education fund do you need for your children

To help you with your investment decisions, we have developed a unique 3 step investment  advice process to ensure that you don’t have sleepless nights about your investments.

Investment Advice 3 Step Process

  1. Completing a psychometric risk tolerance questionnaire.
  2. Completing our own Assessing Suitability questionnaire where we will gauge the returns required to achieve your target, the level of risk required and your ability to bear any losses.
  3. Production of a personal Investment Policy Statement, laying out the investment strategy that most suits your needs and risk profile.

If you understand the nature of compounding money, and are seeking consistency and protection, we are the financial advisor for you.

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