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Mortgage brokerBuying a new home is a big financial commitment. And getting a home loan is a daunting process. By using a mortgage broker, you will get expert advice on the application process, helping you to get your mortgage quicker and with less hassle than if you did it yourself.

Getting a mortgage today is a lot more difficult than it ever was before. The Central Bank has imposed limits on the amount that people can borrow to 3.5 times combined salary. First time buyers need a 10% deposit while second time buyers require a 20% deposit. The banks themselves also have their own, very stringent rules that have to be met to qualify for a loan.

That is why it is beneficial to use a mortgage broker, we know what the underwriters are looking for. By carefully going through your proposal, we can preempt a lot of the questions they will ask. This saves both you and the underwriter time so we can get you Approval in Principle faster so you can start looking for your new home.

Before submitting it to a lender, we package your mortgage application to make it as attractive as possible to the lenders to increase the chances of your mortgage application being a success. If there are clear areas that need work or may result in a less favourable decision, we will tell you. Sometimes that may mean delaying the submission of your application for a few months while you get your finances in better order before they are presented to a lender.

We help people get mortgages for the following:

  • First time buyers
  • Moving house
  • Remortgage
  • Investment Property
  • Holiday homes in Ireland and abroad

Have a look at our mortgage checklist and see what is required before applying for a mortgage.

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