Don’t wait, do it

Last week, my wife and I started the The Camino Way . It takes 5 weeks to complete, starting in St Jean Pied de Port in France and finishing in Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain. We have 2 young kids (and I have a business to run), so we could only do a week of walking this year and next year we will go back and continue our walk. It will take us 5 years to complete it.

Along the way, you meet loads of wonderful people. Two people we met were Rick and Travis from Sacramento, California. A father and son who were on the 5 week trek together. Rick is retired now and his wife is back home, helping Travis’s wife look after their kids. I asked Rick would his wife not enjoy doing this with him? “Yes, we used to walk a lot together and she would really love this, but she has problems with her legs now, so it would be impossible for her to do this walk”. I thought that was really sad; they had waiting too long to walk the Camino together and now it was too late for Rick’s wife to do it.

Life throws us so many curve balls that we don’t know what life will be like in 10, 15 years time. Putting something on a Bucket List to be done before you die is no good. For a start, you don’t know when you will die! And before then, we don’t know what our health, financial or family situation will be like.

If there is something you really want to do, find a way to do it sooner rather than later.

What is it that you would really love to do? And what is stopping you from doing it in the next couple of years? I’d really love to know. Drop me an email at