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Why you need business insurance

I am going to write about probably the most underused form of protection in the market, business insurance. It doesn’t matter whether you go into business with, it can be your best friend, your family or just someone you work well with. All business partners should have business insurance to avoid fallouts and potentially court […]

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Income Protection’s Terms and Conditions

When you buy something, you always get a little booklet with all the terms and conditions in it. Do you ever read them? I know I don’t, I just take product out of the box and throw everything else away. Afterall, I know largely what the product does, what does the small print matter? It’s […]

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How much life cover is needed?

Why is it that they have too much cover? Because the level of cover they have in place is based on nothing more than guesswork. When taking out life cover, most people take a multiple of salary, say 5 times. Then it needs to be protected against inflation, so it is indexed linked, which means […]

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Income Protection

What is Income Protection?

For me, this is the most important protection benefit on the market. For most, if you die, you have a life cover plan to pay off the mortgage and other debts so your loved ones aren’t saddled with debt after you’re gone. But what if you don’t die? What if you have an accident that […]

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Life cover – explained

Clients ask me quite a lot to explain what their particular life cover plan does (besides pay out if they are dead), so today’s blog is an explanation to the different kinds of life cover and bells and whistles that you can get today. The plans I deal with today only pay out on death. […]

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