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11 reasons why I use Google Apps for Business

When I started up my new business, I knew that I would be working at home a lot as well as in the office. From a security point of view, keeping all my files on my laptop is madness, so I looked at cloud computing, eventually picking Google Apps for Business. While not perfect and […]

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Budget 2014

So what did the Minister for Finance say in Budget 2014 and how does it effect you? The good news (if you could call it that) is that there is no increase in income tax or USC, so your pay on 1st January should be the same as the last one in December. Very bad […]

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Custom House Capital Meeting

I has the misfortune of being in an auditorium with about 35 people who invested with Custom House Capital. The first thing that stuck me was their ages, the vast majority of them were 60+; a time when they should be enjoying retirement and not sitting in a windowless hall to find out if they […]

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