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How much do I need to make?

Do you ever wonder how much do I need to make so I can live the life I want? I get asked it all the time. In response, I always say “what do you want to do and when do you want to do it?” Most people have never thought about it, just taking life […]

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Custom House Capital Meeting

I has the misfortune of being in an auditorium with about 35 people who invested with Custom House Capital. The first thing that stuck me was their ages, the vast majority of them were 60+; a time when they should be enjoying retirement and not sitting in a windowless hall to find out if they […]

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Man scratching head

How do pensions work?

PPP, EPP, PRSA, AVC, PRSA AVC, SSAS, ARF, AMRF, OPS. Confused yet? You should be. These are different kind of pension plans yet they do the same thing. Pensions used to be fairly simple have become very confusing over time. So, how do these different pension plans work? In its simplest form, a pension is a […]

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I want my future back

6 Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make

Over the 13 years I have been providing retirement advice to clients, there are a number of mistakes that I see people make in the run up to their retirement and during retirement. In some cases, the mistakes they make has lead to them having a miserable retirement. Here, I go through the 6 biggest […]

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Are you passionate about what you do?

I finished reading the excellent Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaccson at the weekend. One thing that was evident throughout the book was Jobs’s dedication and he was passionate about creating great products. It is what drove him and what he loved doing, even when he was really sick. When he was ousted in 1985, […]

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